Opening Times:
Mon-Sat 12pm-1130pm
Sun 12pm-1030pm

Food Served:
Mon-Sat 12-3pm 6-9pm
Sun 12-6pm

Tel: 01622 812721
Alt: 01622 817961

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from the past to the present...

Past -At the top of Red Hill in an area originally known as The Heath the pub was built in 1826 by Richard Gibbon on land belonging to Matthias Prime Lucas of Wateringbury Place (The village still benefits from many of Prime Lucas innovations; he built many of the ragstone walls in the village and the church vestry, beneath which is his family vault).

Gibbon built a modern pub complex complete with the necessary stabling and coach houses to attract the traveller. He purchased the Freehold in November 1828 but sadly was unable to keep up the mortgage payments. In January 1836 the pub was sold to local brewer John Beale Jude and eventually through take-overs was owned by Whitbread's.

From 1914 until the early 1920's the licensee was Fred Cronk who then purchased Cromar which is now run as a very successful plant nursery by his grandson Martin Cronk.
(extract taken from the Rostrum, May 2011)

- Zoe and Lee moved into the North Pole in 2009, since moving in they have doubled the pub in size and renovated the original building to a high standard. Zoe and Lee opened the pub in October 2010 and it now sits 50 in the new restaurant and up to 74 including the pub area.

- Zoe and Lee have settled into their new home now and love what they have managed to achieve as a team, with such a dedicated workforce and return customers they can see a bright future for The North Pole and it has become the heart of the hill once again. With special events happening throughout the year this pub and restaurant is already getting a good reputation and the events bring the pub back to the heart of the people.


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